Sunday, 25 January 2009

The next election "Labour will come third behind the Lib Dems"

Should Labour now admit it's going to lose the election?

I'm not sure I can see kamikaze Gordon Brown going for this, but Matthew Taylor has come up with an interesting idea about how Labour could get itself out of the mess it's in.

In a nutshell, it's "give up attacking the Tories and admit we'll probably lose the election". The post on his blog is worth reading in full, but here's the key section:
The conventional politics of claim and counterclaim, attack and rebuttal, won't work for Labour. The team that helped win for Labour between 1997 and 2005 is back inside the tent but, like generals, ageing political strategists are always inclined to fight the last battle.
Instead, Labour needs a radically different communication strategy. This might, for example, involve an explicit refusal to engage in party politics while the economic storm is raging.
Brown's message might be: 'I am reconciled to the likelihood of losing the next election. Neither I nor my ministers are going to waste any energy on that skirmish when the big battle is to get through this crisis'.

My reply is; it no longer matters what Labour say , nobody believes them. We have been told 'no more boom and bust', 'Britain is well placed to face the downturn', 'nobody will be affected by the loss of the 10p rate, 'the polls had nothing to do with the non-election decision.

We were promised a referendum on the EU Treaty and that there would only be 13000 workers coming in from Europe each year.

The British people have been lied to enough.

When the election comes the Labour manifesto will be treated as a piece of fiction, particularly after Labour reneged on the promised Lisbon Treaty which was in their last manifesto.

kamikaze Brown has now shown that his supposed economic competence was all just a myth and without that he has nothing.

The electorate have now realised this which is why the 'Brown' bounce has turned into the kamikaze Brown fall.

When the Labour party realise that defeat is inevitable, they will again be looking to change their leader.

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