Thursday, 29 January 2009

Our kamikaze leader is preparing for civil unrest.

Labour MPs looked downhearted during the clash at prime ministers questions yesterday, which came amid more bad economic news and a series of opinion polls showing voters losing faith in our kamikaze leaders ability to handle the crisis. Losing faith in kamikaze Brown is a bit strange for a labour supporter although this voter never had any faith in this moron at any time. This is the moron who put our pension schemes back 50 years. Call an election now, that's what the whole country wants. NOW please.

Instead our kamikaze leader this morning pledged more government support for British companies providing digital communications and broadband networks as part of a plan to curb the impact of the recession. When will it ever end.
“Our digital networks will be the backbone of our economy in the decades ahead,” said the kamikaze prime minister in a speech in London, adding that “Britain must invest in the industries of the future” as it fights its way out of recession. Who on earth is he kidding we are light years away from our American, Continental and Eastern rivals on this subject.

Here is a forecast by Gerald Celente of The Trends Research Institute, New York, who successfully predicted the panic of 2008.

A storm of British riots are on the horizon with our wanker kamikaze leader being the target . This year will see from the major economic breakdown will be followed by riots, as people who have lost everything rebel against the situation, where those labour cronies in power save themselves at the expense of everyone else.
The British crisis will only get worse and turn into the greatest depression in modern history. Its like the cruise liner Titanic. The ship is sinking and spaces on the lifeboats are few. As the meltdown continues wanker Brown will finally call a general election and we will be saved.

If only this came true!

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  1. The disintegration of the UK and the EU has begun, Nothing will ever be the same again. First target will be CCTV cameras. When cyclops' snoops are blinded then the fun will begin.