Friday, 23 January 2009

Obama. Beware the toxic voice of the kamikaze pm

Can you believe it! according to reports our kamikaze leader has been the first European leader to speak to the "novice" new president.

Reporters awaiting our kamikaze leader arrival at an event in Glasgow were told it was being delayed while he took a pre-arranged call. Mr Obama's press secretary Robert Gibbs confirmed the President had spoken to the kamikaze leader Brown, adding that he had not yet spoken to any other European leader.
The call also covered Afghanistan, but the issue of British troop deployments was not raised.
Mr Obama has said he wants to send more forces to Afghanistan as part of what analysts believe could be an 'Iraq-style' military surge. The President has made clear he wants EU countries to follow suit.
Earlier this week, Brown our kamikaze leader hailed Mr Obama as a man of 'great vision' and said his inauguration was 'a new chapter in both American history and the world's history' so Obama should look out with these words of the kamikaze leader.

Why do we still let Brown and mandy the joker continue to run this country, we will all be on the dole when they are finished giving our money away . Come on Dave and Big Ken try harder to get this New Labour Out and the England we love so much can try to get back on its feet.

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