Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Our kamikaze leader is doomed to be a headless chicken

Our kamikaze leader has been out of his depth for years. He refused to listen to his colleagues when he was the Chancellor, even though the seeds of todays disaster were being planted by him.
He clashed continuously with the then PM, not over policy but rather over his truculent view that he should be the PM - a bit like an unruly child who refused to behave.
As the looming problems of his ineptitude began to be apparent even to kamikaze Brown, he became desperate to leave the Treasury and become the PM - so no one could blame him, it would all be the fault of dumble dorf Darling. Or the Americans. Or Thatcher. Maybe Mandelson. (I forget who is in the firing line this week..) oh, I think its Draper and his labour list cronies!
To cover up the fact that he did nothing to stop the rot of his own making, he is coming out with a masses of new policies. If he had done one thing only, it would have been evident he was failing. But by announcing new initiatives every day of the week, he can continue the charade of a man in control. Or at least one who can save the world...
The fat kamikaze controller is floundering like a whale out of water, he helped create this mess and has no idea how to get us out. Im sick of hearing the same old bull from kamikaze Bovine Brown"this is a global recession started in America""Britain is well placed to ride out the recession" and the best one"No more boom and bust". Be a kamikaze man Gordon, go now and take those sycophantic parasites with you, your vampires in government have bled England dry far too long. Go,go,go.
I really cannot believe that the labour MP's don't understand just how hated this kamikaze leader Brown is!. Every day there are more people reaching retirement and finding their pension pot has already been robbed and what is left will not provide even a fraction of what they expected.
Bankrupcy is this kamikaze leaders legacy to this nation and his incompetance has destroyed the future of millions even if they don't know it yet!.
Savings are now worthless along with a devalued pound and kamikaze Brown is the man responsible. Headless chicken he may be but if he were left without bodyguards I am sure he would soon be headless for real!.

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