Monday, 12 January 2009

Wanker Brown's masterplan.

Wanker Brown launches his jobs masterplan.
The savage cuts marred a 'jobs summit' called by the Prime Minister to announce measures worth £500million to combat the rising number of losses.
Ominously for the wanker, there was fresh evidence that the 'bounce' credited with boosting his fortunes as the economic clouds gathered has been punctured.
Cameron is interrogated by two other wankers named Paxman and Marr of the BBC when he proposes buying a cup of tea- Where will you get the money, or something else must suffer, have you done your costings etc.
Wanker Brown on the other hand whafts around £37billion here there and everywhere and now yet another £500million for this, getting ready for another bank bailout costing more billions. Where does he get the money, you have to ask this question?
When Wanker Brown took control of the countries finances we had:-
Decent private sector pension schemes- Gone.
A stable housing market- Gone.
Reasonable food prices-Gone.
Reasonable fuel prices-Gone.
Reasonable energy prices- Gone.
Reasonable interest paid on savings- Gone.
A country that felt comfortable to live in- Gone.
We could go on and on yet the same imbeciles will turn out to vote for this corrupt government at the next election. It's AMAZING isn't it.

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  1. The sooner this one-eyed wanker is removed from government, the better. I would rather take my chances with the tories than have to suffer anymore of Brown's business terrorism!