Monday, 5 January 2009

Anti Kamikaze Gordon Brown and the BBC

Did you watch yesterday's interview between our Kamikaze leader and the BBC dwarf Andrew Marr, what a stitch up.

My wife thought I was having a fit watching the Broon Creature I laughed so much. Marr and the BBC are just Labour party puppets who prearrange all the questions as directed by Lord Sleaze, it is so obvious if you watch it carefully. What a performance by Gordy, it would have gone down well at the city varieties (music hall) in Leeds. Ah well at least he can find employment when we get rid of him and his bunch of crooks.

How on earth can he create 100,000 new jobs, what a down right lie.

To have a mind - first you need a brain.

To have a vision - you need clear sight.

This bufoon has neither.

He has steered UK PLC in bankruptcy and almost destroyed our civilisation. We can, should and we have a duty to sack him and his kind. This can and should be done by everyone by entering a legal state of "lawfull rebellion".

Google it and petition Her Majesty. We, the free people of this country have laws, rights and obligations that are being ignored. By the oath of office each MP took, he or she agreed to uphold Common Law to do otherwise is an act of treason. Most of our laws, we are told, are made in Brussels. That being the case, they have no legal power in the UK - that is a fact and, by passing them into statute, our MPs leave themselves open to a charge of treason. The first case will occur very soon now.

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