Friday, 30 January 2009

Kamikaze Brown's 'jobs for Britain' row.Rise up, Rise up, good people of England

Rise up, Rise up, good people of England!

A wave of Seventies-style wildcat strikes broke out across Britain today in protest at foreign workers taking jobs.

More than 1,000 employees downed tools at power plants and oil and gas refineries in
England, Scotland and Wales.

The unofficial walk-outs were triggered by anger over a major construction contract at a Lincolnshire refinery being awarded to an Italian firm that promptly imported Italian and Portuguese people to do the job.

A crowd of hundreds outside the Total oil refinery in Lindsey were told by shop steward Kenny Ward: “I'm a victim, you are a victim, there are thousands in this country that are victims to this discrimination, this victimisation of the British worker.”

The plant gave a £200 million deal to Italy's IREM after two British firms lost in the bidding. The Italians said the contract required specialised workers.

Sympathy protests spread with a speed that echoed the fuel protests of 2000, though pickets have so far not tried to stop production.

The uproar was a blow to our kamikaze leader Brown, whose pledge of “British jobs for British workers” was denounced by trade union leaders as hollow.

They said the reality was that Britons were suffering “discrimination” and being “victimised” by employers importing foreign labour.

So, who got it wrong this labour government thats who, its not the fault of the Italian and Portuguese workers its a fault fairly and squarely in the fact that an Italian company won the contract. If kamikaze wanker Brown wanted British jobs for British workers he could have made sure that the contract went to a UK company. Yet another failure by wanker Brown and his westminster cronies.

Now is the time for more protests, like for example what Daniel1979 Blog proposed in his recent article:-

If a centre-right UK government was in power right now and presided over an approximate fall of £22,000 property value in every house in the UK, the media, led by the BBC would be calling for the PM’s head.Our TV screens would be full of Left leaning MPs calling for the uncaring and inactive government to be overhauled. “Economic Experts” would be in the news telling viewers and readers that people are struggling because of the Governments actions and/or inactions.

If a centre-right government had been in charge of a monetary policy that had saw Sterling plummet to a 23 year low against the dollar, and all time low against the Euro, and we were witnessing loses of thousands of Manufacturing Jobs; the trade unions would be protesting in the streets about the tough market conditions and the increased jobless numbers.

If a centre-right government was proven in the media to have Parliamentarians selling, openly, their time and professional influence in making and changing laws; we would be calling it a “Constitutional Crisis”, and every law passed during that parliament would come under immense scrutiny. Lawyers would be having a field day. An immediate General Election would be called for by the left-wing leader of the opposition.

If a centre-right PM appointed his most influential minister to the House of Lords, free from the scrutiny of public election and being shadowed by an elected member of the shadow cabinet, then everybody would be calling it exactly what it is; an attempt to undermine Parliamentary accountability.

If a combination of the above situations had occurred we would likely have a combination, or all of the above consequences and responses. Eastenders would have story lines families going broke and being evicted, there would be students organising protests and recruiting members to radical organisations, and the Labour and Union conferences would be getting in depth media coverage. We would be told that there is an unprecedented social crisis taking place in the country.

So why is it, with a left-wing government in power, with The EU Lisbon Constitutional Treaty being forced on the UK without the promised referendum, with house prices nose-diving, with Sterling crashing, stock prices crashing, with a seemingly irreversible trend of the rich-poor divide growing further, with unpopular and oppressive laws being passed, with Peers being caught on tape selling their influence within the upper chamber of our national legislature; why is there no coherent, organised, public outcry of any significance? Why haven’t the people taken to the streets?

It is my assertion that if we currently had a Conservative Government, and were facing the scale of problems that we currently are, things would be very different. The opposition would be in a much stronger position. In fact, I suspect the calls from the public for a general election would be deafening.

There are no mass protests against the government in the streets, there is no radical student band amassing at St Stephens Gate.

The blogosphere has become an established force, and though there is balance and a real spectrum of views and approaches, it is noticeable that the centre-right opinions are prevalent. Have people taken to their computer keyboards rather than marching in the streets. Has the blog become the voice of the right, where the strikers placard is the voice of the left?

I am not sure that it has, or is. But I do not think the blogosphere realised its full reach and influence. Where there seems to be a balance in favour of influence to the political right on the blogosphere, there seems to be the reverse in the organising and effect of public protesting. With the Left targeting the blogosphere more and more, is now the correct time for the centre-right parties to be looking at getting people involved in rallies and protests, for which there is much to target? If they did, we may, just possibly, see that general election in 2009 that nobody is expecting.


Well as you have read British jobs for British workers but of course what does this mean in 2009 Britain. While there are many jobs for the wives of men being created by Morrisons, Tesco, Asda and Subway all menial by design and pay; but whats left for the male? Banking in collapse, Finance is in free fall, Steelmaking almost dead and buried, Car making and associated industries is just hanging on with government bailout, Construction industry, well whats there to say, as our kamikaze leader said less than 2 years ago British jobs is for British workers, yet more hollow words.

Rise up, Rise up, good people of England and kick this Labour government out.

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