Sunday, 25 January 2009

dumble dorf Darling plans new rescue package for ailing economy

Yes, you read it correctly. According to todays Guardian this crackpot chancellor is likely to borrow more for short-term help. Its for the stricken car industry, but dumble dorf Darling has signalled to his officials that he is also prepared to use his second budget to improve Britain's infrastructure and boost sectors such as environmental technology, pharmaceuticals and the creative industries. Guess what, he forgot to say that he needs the money to pay for the Labour MPs redundancy packages, because when the election comes he will need it.
Tougher regulation of the banks will also be unveiled. And guess what, dumble dorf Darling has asked the chairman of the Financial Services Authority, Lord Turner, what needs to be done to improve the regulation of banks in the wake of the credit crunch! What a joke, you can tell he's still celebrating Robbie Burns birthday.

GET BACK TO SCOTLAND and take kamikaze BROWN with you and put England out their misery.

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