Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Tom Harris Labour MP

The return of morality

This is a paragraph from his latest blog :

I’m a Labour MP, so some will undoubtedly be surprised, and shocked that I’m writing this. But I can no longer pretend that the army of teenage mothers living off the state is anything other than a national catastrophe. Now read the rest on his blog.

Well done Tom Harris now convince the rest of your party to your way of thinking.


  1. Just posted this but doubt he has the balls.

    "J Kerr
    Thursday 5 March 2009 at 3:26 am
    So after circa 3.5 billion spent on Sex education classes, sexual foreplay lessons and bebifits advice your sayingthe Labour party has not brought this situation to a head?

    3.5 Billion well spent.NOT.

    I am more concerend your parties trying to ditch evidence from an official involved in the jchr hearings. When you get your way you can just send them all to a gas chamber on trumped up charges. New Labour, Old tories.


  2. Well Juan I still think that Tom Harris has seen the light. As for the jchr it will take more than this article by Tom Harris to get satisafaction.

  3. Folks are just doing what they've always done. The problem is not that women are having babies, but that the social structures which supported the women and weans in the past have now vanished - families. This is a function of post industrial social organization.

    It's passing strange that a member of a party which promotes immigration to make up for population decline would vilify those seeking to reverse that decline. These mothers are fucking for the future of Britain.

  4. He won't be able to convince the rest of his party because of the foolish way in which he went about making his remarks: