Wednesday, 18 March 2009

He must be grovelling now!

Unemployment has risen this week to beyond the two-million mark and now higher than the level that New Liebour inherited from the Conservatives when Bliar became Prime Minister and kamikaze Gordon Brown Chancellor in May 1997. The jobless total has exceed the last recorded figure of 1.971 million, and may well be larger than the 2.05 million people unemployed that was bequeathed by John Major over a decade ago.
The report has fuled the row over Gordon Brown’s promise of “British jobs for British workers”, because it found evidence of recruitment agencies in one city operating a immigrants-only policy effectively freezing local people out of the chance to work in factories.

Purnell, speaking on the BBC's Politics Show on Sunday, said: "The fundamental thing is we're spending an extra two billion pounds to have more people working for us to be able to help people have their claims processed quickly, help people get back into work quickly. That extra two billion pounds is money which the Conservative opposition would be cutting; they're opposing all of that money and the extraordinary thing is they've not learnt the mistakes of previous recessions, when they didn't spend enough money and that meant long-term unemployment rose higher and lasted for longer than it need have done."

All those blind fools saying it was worse under the Tories get real! Yes, there was 3 million unemployed but at least the Tories had the decency to actually give an accurate account of the figures unlike this lying, conniving Government.
We must have at least 6 million on benefits but they are not counted as they are classed as other than unemployed. Only when this pathetic Government has gone will the true scale of their deceit be realised.
They have sold this once great country down the river and will go down in history as the most useless Government of all time.
People need to remember that no Liebour Government has ever left office with the economy in a better condition than when it took power.
Try to remember that when you blame it all on the Tories!

For kamikaze Brown's government to preside over levels of unemployment even higher than those during the Thatcher and Major governments will be embarrassing to the Prime Minister, who made much of his early political reputation by passionately campaigning on this very issue. In 1983, in his maiden speech to the House of Commons, Brown declared that "the grossest affront to human dignity and the gravest assault, on any view of social justice, is mass unemployment and its inevitable consequence, mass poverty." As Chancellor from 1997, Brown told MPs: "The greatest waste of our economic potential and the most serious cause of poverty is unemployment."
He and his cronies must be grovelling now.

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