Monday, 2 March 2009

Isolation for Harman

flash crash Brown today refused to back Harriet Harman's pledge to strip shamed banker Sir Fred Goodwin of his £693,000 pension.

I think most would agree that Sir Fred did not deserve such a large pension payout but let's not loose sight of the fact that it was our inept government who approved it!
After belatedly realizing their error, they blame him and ask him to give it up? As grotesque as this settlement may be, I don't know anyone who has just lost their job that would be willing to renegotiate a perfectly legal pension arrangement with their ex employer & Sir Fred is acting no differently.

Harriet Harman is a stupid woman! Together with flash crash Gordon the hypocrite, they want a whipping boy to take the blame for the financial mess.
So much for the lies about being a 'Global' matter. Just ask flash crash Brown one question, if there had been better financial control and regulation in the UK, with regards to financial risks and exposure, would the UK be in the mess it is today? No, it wouldn't is the answer, hence the daggers out for Fred the Shred and alll.
Just likeJacqui Smith, who broke no rules to claim a 2nd home allowance, Fred the Shred has broken no rules.
Perhaps flash crash Brown needs to hold his hand up, and give up his pension for his part in the UK failure, but of course the man that saved the world won't do this, he's done nothing wrong; and has he keeps saying it would have been worse under the Tories. Yes, assuming the Tories had followed Brown by destroying Pensions, sold off gold reserves and pulled the BoE's teeth to stop Banks imploding. NuLieBore!


  1. Good post mate, and good to see Tractorstats images still in use.

  2. Yes, I love tractorstats images and I will keep using them all the time these leech's have control.