Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Immigration and work

LORD Mandy Antoinette provoked fury last night by suggesting that British workers are too lazy to take jobs being snapped up by immigrants.

Fuelling the “British jobs for British workers” controversy, the Business Secretary claimed that UK nationals were either “not available or unwilling” to fill job vacancies.
The Government you elected to serve you is ignoring you. They rule. They know better than you and they are going to inflict their wishes upon you.

They have well paid jobs and excellent pensions.They have allowances and perks and they are insulated from your worries and troubles.
There is very little work to be had. The country has lost control of its' borders. It is no longer a country but a satellite of the EU a state in all but name.

Add to this the fact that so many illegals are here and no meaningful effort is being made to remove them and you can see why there are very few decent jobs to be had.
The manufacturing jobs have moved to China and India and still the people pour into Britain.
The outcome is inevitable especially in a downturn.

Is your Government caring for those born in the UK? The answer is no. You are part of a great experiment that started with good intentions. It is now going wrong. As the economy continues its headlong plunge into depression, the Labour Government has developed such a stranglehold on British life that our once free country is starting to resemble a failed communist regime.

Your Government sits in cosy splendour while the ordinary citizens bear the burden of this mess.
Then they have the arrogance to say you don't want jobs or in other words the benefits system is so good in UK that once people are on it they never want to come off it and you have to ask who's fault is this, well of course it's this liebour government. So come off it and

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