Monday, 30 March 2009

A personal matter

Porn film expenses: Let jackboot Smith get back to work says clown Brown!

The clown tried to defuse the row over jackboot's future today by saying her expense claims for two porn movies were "a personal matter".
Is clown Gordon Brown really serious when he says claiming for 'adult' movies is a private matter?
If ever a proof was needed that clown Brown has lost his famous "Moral Compass" do we need to look further. This comes on top of all other at best ambivalence to moral and ethical issues and the contempt with which he treats the electorate just look controversies including MPs expenses in general and Ms Smith's, and Mc Nutty's in particular, the stealth taxes, the abolition of the 10% rate, the 65p pension increase in early years of Liebour and so on.
The jackboot has submitted a claim asking this country to pay for her husband's private titillation. That is certainly not a personal matter, it goes to the core of the credibility of her as a very senior politician supposedly responsible for representing this country.

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