Friday, 27 March 2009

No spring stimulus, I wonder why?

Copacabana! latest from the lame duck Prime Minister who used interviews to abandon his hope for the G20 to agree a huge global cash injection that would be followed by a second fiscal stimulus in the spring Budget.

This was probably following the news of the 4.9% fall in output which was the worst since 1980 and sharply lower than the ONS's 1.1% initial estimate. The services sector which accounts for almost three-quarters of the economy saw its fastest contraction since 1979, although the 0.8% decline was revised up from the initial 0.9% estimate.
clown Brown’s efforts to broker an £80billion bailout for world trade on a trip to Brazil hit a stumbling block last night when the country’s President lashed out at ‘white, blue-eyed’ bankers for bringing the world economy to its knees. ‘I’m not acquainted with any black banker,’ he said. ‘The part of humanity that’s responsible should pay for the crisis.’ Watch out Brown because he knows what we all know but you don't.
When liebour came to power one of the first things clown Brown did was to raid the pension funds. This action ruined peoples confidence in pensions so they started buying property as an insurance for old age. This then caused the dramatic rise in property values, leaving young people unable to afford a home without taking out ridiculous mortgages.
From there the whole downward slope began. He next allowed unsupportable levels of immigration, straining our schools and NHS and welfare services. As always with liebour he found excuses to raise the levels of state employment with the tax payer having to fund their salaries, some of them unbelievably high for unreal jobs the easy way to make unemployment figures look good.
Sorry clown Brown, you can blame the whole world but to me you are solely to blame for the disastrous situation in which every person in Britain finds himself.
The sooner we rid ourselves of this Scottish oaf the better it will be. He squanders money on inane public sector non-jobs while the private sector is shedding thousands of employees. He pumps billions of British money into two bankrupt Scottish institutions and the shambolic Northern Rock which just happens to be based in a staunch liebour area.
The filleting he received from the MEP was hilarious, he didn't know where to look as the imperial robes were revealed as an illusion.
clown Brown was always a coward and a bully, now his underlying economic incompetence has been unequivocally revealed. The man should recognise his failings but he will have to answer to us soon. Those ragged fingernails will be prised from the throat of this country next May and he and his useless cronies will be slung out of office.

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