Monday, 9 March 2009

"Oh God, here we go again"

My first thoughts on reading about this attack was "Oh God, here we go again".

This was a senseless act carried out by demented idiots and is a tragedy for the families of the innocent soldiers and the British and Irish communities in general whatever their faith. However, I wonder whether, in view of the special relationship with our friends across the Atlantic, we will see raids on Republican households in Belfast and the extraordinary rendition and subsequent torture of suspects. Perhaps, there may be some who will call for a shock and awe attack on Belfast.
Some may think my comments are completely not the case but my serious point is that no matter the despicable acts of the terrorist movements across the globe, our governments should never resort to changing well founded and humane principles to carry out previously illegal acts in the name of the people.

I want to see tough action against all terrorist murderers but only within the law. Those public figures or members of the armed forces who break this covenant with their people by deed or silent collaboration should be forced to resign and face charges of war crimes as they can no longer be trusted to represent us.

It is bad enough our brave soldiers are losing their lives in Afghanistan now their lives are now in jeopardy at home in Northern Ireland my sympathies go out to the families of these brave soldiers.

Once more there was flash Gordon Brown on the news condemning the actions and outrage at what happened but it goes to show that the Labour party are full of hypocrisy, let's not forget it was Labour who sanctioned and released murderers onto the streets of Northern Ireland.

What is likely is that the powers that be in Sinn Fein will soon find out who is responsible: it will be interesting to see if they decide to hand the murderers over to the police, or deal with it themselves.

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