Friday, 6 March 2009

Defence of the Union

Say sorry Gordon Brown launched a staunch defence of the Union with Scotland last night - and said the multi-billion pound bank bailout of the Royal Bank of Scotland was testament to its strength.

The fact is that the Government is Scotland's biggest employer so Flash Gordon is egging it a bit when he talks of "work and effort, enterprise and honesty, integrity and taking responsibility". Anyway, it's all down to you and your liebour cronies!

It's high-time we English had a say about the Union. Nobody asked us if we were willing to bail out the Scottish banks and Scottish pensions with our taxes.

Yet the Scots and the Welsh have so much that we don't, but we still have to pay for it! At grass-roots level (that's us - always at the bottom in this Union), there is a lot of support now for an English Parliament, and it is growing.
The only hope, if there is one, for the liebour party under humpty Brown is for him to admit to misjudgements whilst he was Chancellor. He just needs to listen more, and admit that he made mistakes. That shows leadership, and that is the only way he can hope to have any sympathy from the British public.
Never in the field of human endeavor was so much damage done to so many by one man who refuses to say sorry !


  1. "Nobody asked us if we were willing to bail out the Scottish banks and Scottish pensions with our taxes."

    The only thing "Scottish" about these banks was their name, and nobody ever asked the Scots if they were willing to bail out England with their oil revenues year after year after year.

  2. It would be good to know what Scots have that the English don't have oliver. Also you have my full backing for an English Parliament, I'm just surprise you're not more vocal. Perhaps it's because Big Brother is watching as they've watched the SNP over decades.

  3. I knew that this blog would upset all you Scots and I didn't mean too, so please don't take offence. I'm all for an English parliament but it would mean banning all Scots,Welsh and Irish from standing for election and I am unsure whether there would be enough English people willing to stand or whether you would welcome Brown and his cronies back to Scotland!
    As for Scottish benefits you have free Universities, free medicines, subsidised rates etc