Tuesday, 3 March 2009

From toast to egg that's Gordon's life

The King of twist is visiting Washington today for his first formal meeting with Barack Obama but then he had egg on his face when the President ruled out a formal press conference to mark his visit.

Mr Brown's aides are trying to make the best of what is a distinctly low key visit compared to the family hospitality lavished on Tony Blair by George Bush when they met for the first time.

Brown is an obviously failing prime minister and does he honestly expect a high profile new president to be gushing with welcome, more a duty to interstate circumstance rather than be associated with such an obvious disaster!

Despite Downing Street's spin doctors campaign and the Biased Broadcasting Company's efforts to put a polish on it, this visit by an unelected British Prime Minister to a newly elected US President will be seen by the British electorate exactly for what it is, a pathetic cap-in-hand attempt to gain votes for Nu-Liebour at the next election.

It would appear from the toning down of some of the aspects of Brown's visit that American officialdom sees it in a similar way and apparently have little enthusiasm for him or his politics. That he is the first European "leader" to be invited to the White House means nothing at all. Does he really think that the President will heed his words before those of Sarkozy or Merkel. Brown is yesterday's man and the sooner he comes to terms with that, the better for all of us.

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