Tuesday, 17 March 2009

'If only'

A smiling kamikaze prime minister said in an interview with the Guardian, that he took ‘full responsibility’ for all his actions in the run up to the downturn.

The comments, billed as a partial apology, are unlikely to be warmly welcomed by several ministers who have sought a full apology. Comi-kamikaze Darling, the Chancellor, and Ed Balls, a former Treasury adviser, have both accepted failures in the regulatory system.

Comrade Brown your comments starting ' only Liebour' show how you live in cloud cuckoo land. Only liebour will destroy Britain and its heritage. Only Liebour will see the disappearance of many old and prestigious companies. Only Liebour will see the collapse of our Health system.The 'on lies' can go on and on.
Could have done more! You were paid by us, the taxpayer, in your job as Chancellor to do the very same. But we all know you were never going to do that were you? The only thing is Comrade kamikaze Gordy your be leaving us with an economic collapse by design!
We can but dream and pray if only we could see the Government resign, if only we stop this horrendous immigration and send back troublemakers and dissidents and non workers. If only stop our financial wastage in the EU. If only!...then we might survive and grow a successful future again. If only!

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