Wednesday, 11 March 2009

New cars for old!

Yes this liebour government are going to offer a £2,500 handout to scrap your old car.

'Bankrupt Ministers are backing the idea of a 'cash-for- scrap' bounty under plans to kick start the motor industry.'
Not so long ago we the car owners were being tagged as destroyers of the environment and the world and were being landed with increasing taxes based on emissions.

Now, they are using up our money to urge people to buy cars. Does this awful, clapped out government know what it is doing? Isn't it a fact that it has completely lost control of the country's finances and is now scrabbling about in the dark. There are none so blind that cannot and will not see what flash crash Gordon is really doing. If we are going to use our money( taxes), why not go the whole hog? UK plants used to produce some of the best vehicles on the road.

There is a difference being of course 86% of new car sales in the UK are imported. In business terms this creates turnover and therefore taxes for the treasury but how, exactly, does it help UK manufacturing?

We had some of the best designers and R & D people in the world. We should be given incentives to buy more UK made cars. Is this Protectionism ? Too bloody true.

This is a time to look after our own. Maybe then we can move back from being an assembly plant auto business to a proper drawing board to finish manufacturing one. But, that will take another 10 years so what we want is a new green alternative, any thoughts?


  1. Trains? Busses? And may I say - Trams? The UK is overwhelmed by road traffic. This is an opportunity to go in a different direction so to speak.

  2. Trams it's the new green liebour vehicle.