Monday, 16 March 2009

"Moral responsibility" No, Gordon we need an election.

Yes that's our flash crash kamikaze prime minister launching an impassioned challenge to Barack Obama over free trade, urging for a "support thy neighbour" deal at the London summit.

Opening a fresh series of talks before the G20 meeting on 2 April, the Prime Minister said the world had a "moral responsibility" to safeguard the poorest countries and not just wealthy nations. That meant opening up markets instead of curbing imports of foreign goods.

But instead of trying to save the world (if its anything like you've tried to save this country, God help the rest of the world) - why don't you save this country from years of liebour's awful policies which has left this country is a complete and utter mess and go. kamikaze Gordon, just damn well go!
As the policies of globalised capitalism have been the levers for this current crisis. It is not a surprise that kamikaze Gordy is clinging on to them like a drowning rat. He has managed to make the UK tax payer responsible for bailing out the majority of globalised banks in the city of London.(Whilst not getting any help from the rest of the world). His unelected Industry secretary (Mandy Antoinette watches on whilst small and medium sized businesses fail, unemployment has reached 2 million and the black market has prospered with the use of migrant labour. The man is a fool and so are his cronies. Unfortunately for him and them the British voting public are not.
"We need free trade for global recovery"No, kamikaze Gordy, we need an election and a competent leader which your not.


  1. Is this utterly frustrating? I sometimes scream to myself with disbelief. How can this nutter still be in charge? Why isn't someone doing something? He's insane!

  2. Sue, I couldn't agree with you more, he's a moronic imbecile in charge of a bankrupt country and the sooner he goes the better.