Saturday, 23 May 2009

Wick is the real man of destiny.

The man behind the sale of MP's expenses claims broke his silence last night to reveal he wanted to expose the system to its 'rotten core'. John Wick, a former SAS officer, said he was proud of his role as a whistleblower.
Apart from politicians who have blatantly abused the system, how on earth can anyone not be pleased with the efforts of Mr. Wick.
No matter how he obtained the information a sin is a sin and the guilty Members of Parliament should be punished more severely than so called tax cheats who merely endeavour to hold on to money they've earned, unlike MP's filching money they haven't earned.
Good on you Mr Wick, you have quite rightly exposed certain MP's and the cosy club they belong to which ever party they belong to as a thieves and liars with a selfishness beyond belief for those in public office.
We always suspected that the Commons was a self regulated club with no accountability to the public and you have proven us correct.
What right do these MP's have to squander our hard earned money on their 2nd homes,apartments etc etc...Let's get one thing straight,they have claimed allowances from public money for their second homes,duck houses,new kitchens and whatever else they wanted all at tax payers expense...Mr Wick deserves a medal for his expose of their greed.
This Parliament is no better than the most corrupt regimes in Asia, Africa and S America. Perhaps this will change but not under a Liebour administration - they are just old fashioned Socialists who just want our money and I doubt this will change.
Brown call an election now.