Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Payback time

By a real crook.

Amazing how focused, determined and honest these MPs can be when they've been caught with their hands in the till. If the public fiddled their expenses at work, they would get a warning then a sacking.
Brown is a joke. I'm surprised he and Hazel Blears didn't rattle out the usual line of 'today we are announcing a new initiative'.... probably would have gone something like this... 'we are going to spend all that hard earned tax that we've raised through various stealth taxes on the public, which has been especially tough in these hard times'... the British public cutting back and therefore reducing tax revenues... 'but fortunately, we, the government can confirm to you, the public, that we are still in a better position than when we came to power in 1997, and therefore we can managing to keep lavishing ourselves to the custom we've now become accustomed too.
In the biggest repayment since the Commons allowances scandal broke, Health Minister Phil Hope announced he was handing over £41,000 claimed for renovating a flat in London.Cabinet ministers were under intense pressure to follow suit as former minister Hilary Armstrong pledged to pay back “tacky” food bills and backbencher Mark Lazarowicz repaid legal costs.

Payback league table so far!

Phil Hope (Lab) £41,709 decorations
Margaret Moran (Lab) £22,500 dry rot treatment
Hazel Blears (Lab) £13,332 capital gains tax
Michael Gove (Tory) £7,000 furniture
Ronnie Campbell (Lab) £6000 for furniture
Alan Duncan (Tory) £5,000 for gardening
Andrew Lansley (Tory) £2 600 decorations
Mark Lazarowicz (Lab) £2,675 legal and professional fees
Oliver Letwin (Tory) £2,145 for pipes repaired under his tennis court.
David Cameron (Tory) £680 bill for removing wisteria
George Osborne (Tory) £440 chauffeur ride
David Willetts (Tory) £135 lightbulbs
Cheryl Gillan (Tory) £4.47 cat food
James Arbuthot (Tory) undisclosed sum on cleaning swimming pool
Michael Ancram (Tory) £100 on swimming pool boiler repair
Stewart Jackson (Tory) £304.10 on swimming pool work

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