Sunday, 3 May 2009

Almost breaking point for flash crash Gordon he's put in a straight jacket for the bank holiday rest.

Embattled Gordon Brown's state of mind is under further scrutiny after it was revealed that he had a tantrum during a series of tough television interviews in No10.The Prime Minister had to be calmed down by Business Secretary Mandelson after erupting in a series of off-camera clashes with broadcast journalists. Mandelson soothed a raging Brown and reassured him: 'Gordon, calm down, calm down. It's a bank holiday weekend. You can have a rest.'
Having watched Brown on 'U' tube and then his denials during these TV interviews it is evident that he has lost the plot . Does he still think that by using words as a smokescreen together with his mantras that anyone seriously takes any notice of what he says.
Brown is an evil, dishonest, dishonourable hypocrite leading a clutch of mediocre, brass-necked corrupt fools.Britain is a majorly bankrupt state that is being run along fascist lines with a huge number of its citizens contributing absolutely nothing to society. Decent, working people are over-taxed, over-policed and overwhelmed with a sense of injustice.If anyone can point out anything that Brown has achieved - apart from being a reviled, unelected PM - I would like to hear it. Go! In the name of God, go!
If ever a prime minister needed to be on suicide watch, it is Gordon Brown, he must be as near to breaking point as it is possible to be.
The next few weeks are likely to be the most intriguing weeks in many a long year with
on the charge!


  1. I've done suicide watches - wouldn't be too attentive in his case. Is that a Posey straight-jacket? Good quality - comes in three sizes to ensure that perfect fit.

  2. Unfortunately I haven't a clue! You will have to put that question to TractorStats thats if you can find him.