Friday, 8 May 2009

Moral expenses

It doesn't matter if your Liebour, Tory, Liberal or Independent as far as I'm concerned you just don't get it, do you?

With the occasional honorable exception, they've all been eating our tax money, claiming they were within the rules they made themselves in order to fleece the decent, hardworking people of Britain.
Any MP with a conscience, or a modicum of common sense, or a rudimentary "moral compass" would have known that what he or she was doing was greedy, self-serving, shameful, and demeaning.
They should be made to pay the money back.
Almost every MP has been shamed and humiliated by this scandal.
Surely the primary residence of an MP has to be in their constituency in order for them to be eligible to represent the people of the constituency in Parliament.
All those that have moved their second residence expenses claims to their constituency homes should be immediately removed from their seats as they no longer meet the criteria necessary to be a representative MP.
This Liebour government is the most intrusive government ever, spying and prying into every citizen's life and yet wanted total secrecy about their expenses.
They purport to take the moral high ground with their Human Rights Act, yet it is now abundantly clear they are morally bankrupt. They have left the country financially bankrupt and their personal greed knows no bounds.
One solution to the second home problem - build a block of 'grace and favour' flats near the Houses of Parliament.
I don't want any apologies or resignations. I just want Brown to call an election NOW.

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