Monday, 25 May 2009

Good news, two more leeches out.

"Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton said they could no longer 'maintain the hectic pace' of political life and wanted to step down in order to spend more time with their family." ...AND our MONEY!
The old saying 'rats leaving sinking ship' seem to apply here, the soon they go the better why wait until the next election, a resignation today from them both would be acceptable and welcomed.
Cameron must act decisively now, not only to sack all offending MP's but to insist on the return of all monies.
If Cameron and the Tories wish to retain public confidence he needs to act now, otherwise a golden opportunity will be missed. Everybody is watching you Dave!
Now let's have resignations or sackings from the Liebour lot.
The Brown Balls, Blears, Smith, McNulty, Hoon, Purnell, Darling (the Chancellor who cannot fill in a tax return and passes the accountant's bill to the taxpayer) all spring very quickly to mind. I think that its time for a general election don't you?

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