Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Time for the MP's to smash this rotten egg.

Reports that Commons Speaker Michael Martin is resisting calls to resign because his friends say he will lose a £100,000 'golden goodbye' if he quits before the next election, just about sums everything up about this inept Speaker.
Come on you cowards in parliament and do something about it, surely it is very simple; just call for a motion of no confidence and he will go.
Martin, who has been a disastrous Speaker of the Commons, was a political appointment by Blair who ignored the convention that the Speaker appointed in 1997 should be a Tory MP.
As Speaker, Martin is charged with maintaining the integrity of Parliament. During his tenure, Martin may inadvertantly have stumbled over truth, honesty and integrity but mostly he has picked himself up and hurried off as if nothing had ever happened.
It is no accident that the period in which he has presided over Parliament has been one of the most squalid periods in the history of that institution.
Clearly Martin enjoys having his snout in the same trough as other MPs and he intends to keep it there as long as possible and Parliament and the public can go hang.

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