Thursday, 14 May 2009

'sloppy accounting'!

A former minister was suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party today after claiming £16,000 in taxpayers' money for a non-existent mortgage.

Gordon Brown said Elliot Morley was being suspended because of the 'serious' allegations made against him.
A "mistake" that continued for 20 months?
At best, I assume one of Morley's staff actually fills in the claim for him, he signs it, and he has a very lax approach to checking his expense claims. Not the attitude of a responsible MP.
At worst, it is appropriate to ask the question - if the Telegraph had not started publishing these details, would Morley have paid anything back?
If the government had succeeded in blocking such information being available to the public then how long would these individuals have continued to 'forget' that their mortgages were in fact paid.

The continuing excuses from our so called Honourable members only shows how incompetent and indeed fraudulent they have been. If they are unable to take an honest and creditable control of their own personal expenses and lifestyles then how on earth can we expect them to look after our country.
It seems that the crime is in 'getting caught'. How on earth these scumbags can hold surgeries for their constituents and offer advice is beyond me.
The entire system is rotten to the core and now it is pitiful to watch the rats leaving their sinking ships with every excuse under the sun.

Call an election now.

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