Monday, 25 May 2009

We need an election and now , this corrupt bunch of fiddlers need to be kicked out.

This doesn't get any easier, almost every day another story about blatant abuse of trust, a system to assist them and constant lies. It shows that few if any in the whole of the House of Commons are worthy as MP's, if they weren't in on the scams, then they at least must have known what was going on.
There is no excuse for not holding an election as soon as possible, even Balls and Cooper are up to their necks in it, so come on Brown enough is enough, we have suffered long enough under your misrule, give us the election we want and demand now, you coward.
The only possible recourse is to suspend parliament immediately, those MP's who are not being investigated could not possibly carry out their duties in any case, the electorate have had enough, also the fact that since having been unmasked as the scoundrels that the majority of them undoubtedly are, they appear to be incapable of stringing a sentence together,obviously preoccupied with the repercussions that their utter greed will have on them personally.
The complete lack of moral fibre being shown by these miscreants, makes one wonder how they were elected in the first place.

But what is more worrying than the travel expenses scam is the fact that our dumbledorf Chancellor has claimed on expenses for an accountant to do his tax returns! So the Chancellor cannot even do a tax return yet is in charge of the countries purse strings managing billions of pounds; my mind boggles!
I have never understood why somebody who has no financial skills, experience or talent is given the job in charge of finance for the country. He was given this job simply because he is a yes man for Brown.
The same goes for Defence and Home secretary posts. Why do they not employ somebody who has the skills needed to do these very important jobs and not to career politicians who in most cases have never had a proper job in their lives.
I think the whole process needs to be overhauled from top to bottom!
Come on Brown and call a general election.


  1. Hardly a wonder that the country is in such as state. For near on 12 years, we have had unqualified people in sole charge of work they know nothing about. It must be the only profession you can enter without any relevant qualifications in that field.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more but unfortunately that is always going to be a fact in a democracy.