Monday, 11 May 2009

David please get them out for the sake of this country.

If David Cameron wants to have any chance of winning the next election he must eradicate the parasites and leeches from his own party immediately. I hope he personally has nothing to hide if so come clean now.
Just when it looked like the next General Election would be an open goal for the Conservatives, this goes and happens. It's bad enough that these Toffs have forced us to pay for their moats, helipads and chandeliers, but I doubt anyone who owns those things has much in common with Joe Public.
This just re-inforces how out-of-touch these people are, in so many ways.
These greedy swines may well have doomed us to another 5 years of the catastrophe that is Gordon Brown and Liebour.
I'm a card-carrying member of the Conservative Party, but I will be looking very hard at what David Cameron does over the rest of this week before making my decision to vote Conservative or UKIP at the European elections.


  1. Will the Cons give you a vote on the Lisbon Treaty do you think? At least UKIP mean what they say.

  2. Yes, I believe that the Conservative party will give us all a vote for acceptance of the Lisbon treaty; unlike Brown and his cronies.
    But for the next European vote I will probably choose the UKIP candidate.