Friday, 15 May 2009

What is the next stop for these professional swindlers?

The MP's should consider themselves lucky.
The French guillotined their corrupt leader.

The display by Becket on Question Time and the interviews with Malik show the sheer arrogance of these vermin. They can't (or won't) see that they have done anything wrong.
Malik is the "justice minister" yet has deliberately and knowingly fiddled his expenses. Stolen from taxpayer.
Where is the justice when this justice minister is allowed to pretend a rented property in Dewsbury is his main home. We the taxpayer are paying for him to buy his property. This is disgusting exploitation!
In my view Mr Malik should have been required to produce his rent book for the Dewsbury property and refunded only the rent paid.
And he's the Justice Minister - unbelievable! Every MP seems to mitigate this as a mistake but if they're making such trivial mistakes such as this, how well are they doing their day job?
And of Andrew MacKay peering out of a door, surely it should be a prison cell door!
Time for a general election.

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