Sunday, 6 June 2010

Scary Balls admits Labour got it wrong on immigration from Eastern Europe.

Labour is finished, go lie down and die with the party.

It is pointless for these 'so called candidates' to disagree with Labour policy years after the event.
At the time, they both wholeheartedly supported the war and immigration and numerous other Labour mistakes and it's too late to now go chasing votes by being "sorry". It isn't just from EU countries where the numbers coming into Britain are far far too high either. How absolutely typical of Labour to lie. If 203,000 new British passports were issued to foreigners last year and almost half of the holders were from Asian countries it isn't Europe that's the problem is it?
The whole sorry bunch, including scary Balls, should be locked up and all their personal wealth confiscated to help pay off the debt they incurred.
Innocent Britons, savers, homeowners, pensioners, the sick and poor, these people will have to pay for years to come.


  1. My sentiments exactly Oliver!!

    Lock em up and throw away the key and strip all their assets root and branch!

  2. Indyanhat. Its great that someone else thinks like me!