Saturday, 5 June 2010

Labour, just another crock of shit.

There certainly is an interesting blame game going on in the UK with regard to public debt. Undoubtedly Labour were highly irresponsible in running so many deficits in the good growth years and this left the UK highly vulnerable to the banking crisis, particularly with such a large financial sector.
I hope people who voted Labour can at least be humble and honest enough to acknowledge that 13 years of Labour government was responsible for this. It just riles me so much that people did not foresee this; and the insulting thing is that Labour almost got back again.
The case for prosecution of former Labour ministers on charges of treason grows stronger. Because this is not the case of one party losing power as in previous elections, the previous Labour government used state resources to secure their survival, and when they noticed that was not enough, they started spending recklessly, making contractual agreements on their last days in office. This is illegal & it's akin to making false representation. That is why all this needs to be investigated and charges brought against former Labour minister's. Also just as we scrutinize people for top jobs, their should be minimum qualifications for the position of Prime Minster, so that we do not have a failure in leadership again; just like when we had yellow streak Brown, who for example, was a failed leader that had never been elected into high office throughout his political career. People like yellow streak Brown should have been weeded out ages ago. All the problems and mess the country inherited from Labour should be well documented both in print, voice and video, so that when future elections come about, the electorates can be well educated about the state of the country when Labour left office after 13 years in government.


  1. "making contractual agreements on their last days in office".

    I don't understand why there isn't an enquiry going on about this.

  2. Sue, I'm sure there will be as soon as the coalition issues there budget plans later in June.