Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Lord Prescott of Toad Hall

I heard fat boy Prescott on the radio this morning. He tried to make a class war out of every issue. The point is that back gardens are counted as brown field sites under planning rules, yet there are plenty of real brown field sites available for developers.
Prescott has conveniently forgotten that his Labour government failed to build any significant number of social housing - just 2,000 a year - and his Labour government that allowed house prices to rise by failing to regulate mortgage debt and keeping interest rates ridiculously low. The coalition government has already doubled the amount of social housing that will be built.
As to throwing round phrases like `typical millionaire' at Zac Goldsmith - I'd eat my dirty running shoes if Prescott isn't a millionaire himself, when it comes to his taxpayer funded properties, numerous paid appearances and boring autobiographies. Prescott is a typical 'do as I say, not as I do' socialist. Prescott also made a complete fool of himself thinking we are all interested in his class war. The fact is he ranted on about 'Toffs' and how those 'Toffs' only look after their own. The fact that he had to use 'swearies' in his argument with Goldsmith shows what an intellectual Pygmy this odious toad really is.

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  1. I heard that too, I think he was eating a pie or something, he kept mumbling. At the end of the interview he was still prattling on about how 'he' had increased the % of buildings on brownfield sites which indeed 'he' did, by allowing developers to build on gardens!