Tuesday, 22 June 2010

And just where during the Budget speech was the prime cause of all this pain,I refer of course to yellow streak Brown MP for Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath?

Listening to the siren voice of Harperson yesterday in parliament whining about Osborne's budget was nauseating in the extreme. This revolting woman and her cohorts yellow streak Brown, dumbledorf Darling, Bliar, red neck Straw et al were the architects of this massive debt mountain which will destroy our savings and future earnings for a decade or more. They should be facing a firing squad for what they have done to this country's finances. To think that they could ever be elected again is frightening but is a real possibility as the morons out there will blame George Osborne for the austerity measures implemented to rectify the problem rather than the criminals who caused it in the first place. I say congratulations George. Not many would have the guts to stand up and say how things is and put the bombed-out party opposite in their place. Why should the unions start their everlasting griping; they funded the shower opposite that has cause all the problems in the first place. Go on strike and then see unemployment rise. The VAT move was necessary to stop the "shop till we drop" brigade in its tracks. Billion have been spent, and wasted, on buying stuff that has largely ended up on a corporation tip while China has reaped the benefit and while banks and retailers have harvested in the billions with their outrageous interest rates on store and credit cards - most of which people are still paying off.