Thursday, 10 June 2010

Let the dead vote for the dead... !

Same old Labour; same old discredited PC dogma; must have equal representation of colour, race, sexuality and gender irrespective of the candidate's ability.

What a mickey mouse election.We are told to believe that this is a real leadership election and the field is so wide. When the a candidate himself and self confessed supporters of some other candidate nominated Diane Abbott while admitting that they will not vote for her makes me sick.
I'm not enthused either by the choice of and calibre of the candidates. This bunch, including Abbott, are tainted by their past and represent nothing new, despite their post-Election posturing. I don't trust any of them to deliver anything new or radical, just more of the same 're-branded' in other words another disaster for the UK.
Diane is not leadership material, it has nothing to do with Race or Gender. The silly tokenism of offering her up as a diverse candidate sticks in my throat. Do you know she is a joke. In a recent TV interview the only reason to vote for her she could come up with was that she was not a white man! Instead of working to sort out the schools in her area, she sent her son to a private school. She failed to declare earnings from her appearances on This Week. Worst of all I believe that she is racist, claiming that Finnish nurses could not care for her black constituents.
I plead with all the media to stop reporting anything relating to the Labour Party. I'm absolutely sick to my back teeth with Labour. I hope they never get into power again and then I can write about something else!


  1. Nice poster, let them do their worst, the middle aged white bloke vote will be seriously split leaving the possibility that the right-on-left-wing crowd might just steal it for the talentless Abbot thus condemning Labour to more years in the wilderness but they won't mind because they will smugly sit back and say that this just goes to prove that Britain really is inherantly racist and sexist after all, just like they said.

  2. I'm glad you like it. The only thing is there is going to be another 15 weeks of all this.