Monday, 21 June 2010

John Terry will you please just shut up.

First it was the altitude.
Next it was the ball.
Next it was the isolation.
Next it was boredom.
Finally and to be expected Blame the Manager as usual.
John Terry is a vindictive prig and a seriously disruptive element. Clearly the captaincy situation is his motive for revenge. If Ledley King and Rio Ferdinand had been fit, they could have dispensed with Terry's services. He clearly thinks he rules the roost,which apparently he is allowed to do at Chelsea. For a player to openly challenge a Managers tactics and policy in public, is unbelievable. I think I am correct in saying he and the other Prima Donna's have failed to produce the goods at international level for 3 Managers. No doubt he thinks it is all their fault. We won't get much further in the World Cup, so why don't they just banish this mutinous loud mouth now?

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