Monday, 14 June 2010

Harriet Harman and the rest of New Labour's Prima Donna's is the reason millions of working class men have walked away from Labour.

Harriet Harperson on Sunday morning told Andrew Marr 'I think the British Public want equality' Yes we do Harriet but not by discrimination! Putting up a candidate without regard to their ability is just not British.
Harriet Harperson is like a broken record. She is so boring when it comes to women representation in politics. All the decent, intelligent, ambitious women stay well clear of politics - and who can blame them? So we end up with the dregs at the bottom of the barrel - Hazel Blears, Ruth Kelly, Tessa Jowell and the rest of the incompetents.
If I were Diane Abbott I would tell labour to go and find someone else to play in there little game, in fact I feel a little embarrassed for her she must know she is only in the leadership battle because she is a women and black not for her ability to do the job.

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