Monday, 21 June 2010

Ignore Prescott - he's tribal but is happy to ignore his own apparently strongly held principles when it suits him.

The pension system does need reform - and it could actually be in public sector workers' interests to acquiesce, because there is a growing feeling of inequity around the pensions issue which will do them no favours in the long run.
When two jags Prescott is sure that it is a collaboration, the rest of the world can be very sure that it is not. Prescott has form, be it:
Becoming the supreme head of Transport and environment to improve our traffic flow and environment. The roads were never as bad as until his lethal influence on the department was removed.
Be it running two Jags or living in a pretentious house with turrets or what ever his action contradicted his words.
Be it the HIP to solve the problems with housing transactions- it increased cost without helping the system.
Worst of all, this man of working class, the class warrior, the self proclaimed nemesis of the House of Lords has unsurprisingly but outrageously accepted a peerage. His humbug and hypocrisy of accepting the peerage pales into insignificance when he asserts that he was going to the House of Lords for the sake of Environment- My foot.
It is high time two jags Prescott is given his due place in the national life- that of oblivion. He deserves to be ignored and nothing better. When such a man criticise Mr John Hutton for collaboration that is proof positive that it is not.
Prescott has always been proud of his tribalism and espused the 'no such thing as a good Tory' school of thought. It's that sort of tribalism that puts a lot of people off politics. Calm pragmatism, balance, political nous, organisational skills and intelligence are what's needed for this job. It won't be easy and it won't be popular. Hutton will probably do it well.

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