Friday, 18 June 2010

England, what a crock of shite!

If England play like that again, quite simply, I don't want to see them progress; it would be inappropriate and also mind-crushingly boring. Even if they do manage to perform against Slovenia I will never forget that utterly, utterly terrible performance against Algeria.
The present "team" are a shambles, and Rooney swearing at fans was the act of a petulant kid.They didn't have to beat any team of significance to qualify and that flattered their ratings ahead of the tournament. England may still reach the last 16, but I cannot see them going far after that. It would indeed be the triumph of hope over expectation.
Perhaps Rooney should remember they can hardly lay claim to have played even their socks off let alone their hearts out for their country. Over paid and over estimated but no way they should be over there. Send some Championship players I am certain they would have put more heart into the game than we saw last night.
Fans are perfectly entitled to boo if they've travelled thousands of miles spent thousands of pounds to be subjected to an atrocious display of football by a bunch of overpaid idiots.

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