Monday, 20 April 2009

You Tube announce the result. Susan Boyle 100,000,000 - Alistair Darling 2108!

There was a time when Budgets were kept secret and announced only on Budget Day. This is now a joke - any more announcements and there will be nothing left to say on Wednesday.

"Sorry dumbledorf Darling, I don't believe you." In your pre-budget speech about your next budget on 'YOU TUBE' where its a pity that you have only received 2108 viewings against the 100,000,000 by Susan Boyle and the 2,250,000 by Dan Hannan, both of whom would do a better job of running this country's finances than you and your kamikaze leader.

We all know it's bound to be a "green" budget. You know the type, where they think the taxpayers are "green" enough to believe everything they say.
You know it will be all lies as we are all judged stupid enough to believe we are all morons who can be pushed around by the government's ministers who always seem deluded into thinking we will not notice their obvious deceit, as soon as we take a leaf out of the French peoples book and boycott, blockade roads ports etc then at least we will make a difference!
Come on Britain get real unless your stiff upper lip means you don't care that your children and grandchildren will be constantly reminded of the debt incurred by an incompetent government that no one did anything about.
Nothing has been done about uncontrolled migration despite the rise in unemployed natives, nothing has been done about total waste of public money on claimed exorbitant expenses, nothing has been done about anything of any use and still ministers bankers and the super rich are getting richer on the backs of ordinary working honest people.
The old saying "By Christmas" is usually followed by "Which Year" and I can guarantee it will not be Christmas 2009.
The frightening thing is that dumbledorf Darling and headless chicken Brown are in charge of the economy and between them they couldn't run a whelk stall let alone a country's finance.
The tax payer will have to suffer for this massive incompetence and the perpetrators will sail off into the sunset to negotiate a book deal.
So on Wednesday I won't be watching, listening or reading the false announcements made by you or your liebour cronies. I'll be waiting for the next election.

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