Thursday, 2 April 2009

Next stop for Brown and Darling will be the IMF

Next stop Washington?

After a day of tense bartering, the gathering of Presidents, Prime Ministers and royalty rubber-stamped extra cash for inter­national financial rescue plans.The deal included an extra 500 billion US dollars (£338 billion) for the International Monetary Fund’s emergency rescue reserve to bail out countries in severe financial straits like for example the UK under clown Brown.
A further $250 billion (£169 billion) was agreed for boosting world trade finance and the leaders agreed to $250 billion (£169 billion) expansion of an IMF short-term loan scheme to give governments easy access to foreign currencies.
The move boosting the IMF’s “special drawing rights” facility was yesterday being seen as effectively “printing” money on a ­global scale.
Suspicion is that clown Brown's will be first in line for the IMF funding and what's the betting that Brown & his partner in tax and squander dumbledorf Darling are already drawing up a wish list and working out how much of this extra £338 million they reckon they will need?
Even last night there was Brown’s Treasury Minister Stephen Timms claiming that the new system removed the “stigma” of borrowing from the fund. How on earth can anyone trust clown Brown and his cronies to come up with anything which is not bent.
Time for a general election, please.

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