Monday, 13 April 2009

Great 'regret' now it's the 'red' card for Brown.

Good grief! So it’s a matter of "great regret" that the reputation of politics has been affected?

So what about those defenceless souls whose personal reputations are mired by his people’s action?
It’s the usual nonsense about ‘the system’ being at fault. It’s nothing to do with ‘the system’ and everything to do with the loathsome culture adopted and encouraged by Brown himself.
Why does this buffoon believe that such assurances – even if it were possible to give them, will make the slightest difference to the behaviour of his henchmen? What kind of behaviour did Brown expect when he filled No. 10 with aggressive, thuggish, and unprincipled characters like McBride.
His only "regret" is that the whole nasty mess, inspired by Brown's skewed personality, was ever found out. McPoison will of course be looked after by Brown; he knows too much and would be a lethal loose cannon.
You, Brown are nothing but a CROOK in charge of a venally corrupt party and government.
It's time to for you and your cronies to go.

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