Thursday, 16 April 2009

So sorry

It has taken Brown 5 days to say sorry for Damian McPoison but not in Westminster but in Scotland.
I wonder how long it will be before Damian Green gets the same words from Jackboot Jacquie.

So Damian Green will not face charges over the leak of immigration information. Jackboot Jacquie insists she had only been acting in the public interest and was trying to stop any more sensitive material being released.
This case was pursued because of the "threat to national security" but the DPP concluded there was no such threat.
Given that the Select Committee report into this matter also concluded that civil servants exaggerated this claim is there not a case for taking legal, or disciplinary, action against those civil servants for wasting police time as a result of making false claims?
Further proof if it were necessary, that the civil service like the BBC have been corrupted and politicised by this shameful and venomous Liebour government.
Is there anything that they have not fouled or degraded amongst the traditional and treasured institutions of the United Kingdom?
They are no more than thugs in suits, tearing down and trashing everything that made Great Britain special and a model of democracy to other countries. Worse still, much of the damage has not been engendered for the sake of principle, however misguided but simply to prolong Liebour's stay in power and to preserve their self-appointed privileges.If any of them had an ounce of self-respect or moral character they would hang their heads in shame and resign en mass.
However, don't hold your breath. This bunch of odious mediocrities will cling to power to the bitter end and do as much damage as they can before leaving the mess for the Tories to clean up. They wouldn't recognise a principle if it jumped up and bit them.

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