Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Yet another 'sow' for the trough

Yet another sow for the trough but this time it happens to be a member of the Blair family by way of the 4th marriage to Tony Booth.
Steph Booth, who is married to Mrs Blair's actor father Tony Booth, was selected as Liebour's prospective parliamentary candidate for the Calder Valley seat, in West Yorkshire, at a meeting yesterday evening.
Mrs Booth described her selection as a 'real honour'. 'I am delighted that Liebour Party members have chosen to put their faith in me,' she said.
The move comes after sitting Liebour MP Chris McCafferty, who has held the seat since 1997, announced last year she would be standing down.
Mrs McCafferty gained the seat in 1997 and held it in 2001 and 2005 GE. By the time of next GE she can be near retirement age and she thinks a younger candidate can be better for the party's prospects you need plenty of energy in a constituency which is 24 miles long and I think it is time for someone younger to take over. That's another reason why she has not been doing her job in London.
She decided to announce her retirement early so she can do even less than she has done since she was elected.
You only have to look at what she has ben doing for the last 12 years and find very little, in fact less to nothing and she's managed to claim in the last five years £680,000 for expenses, no wonder the Booth's/Blairs are in the gravy train with the rest of the herd.
Yet again the Liebour party are so corrupt that they have selected a candidate from the Unite union by way of postal voting. The one thing that Labour have been seen to be good at time and time again is vote rigging. There have been numerous court cases involving local Liebour politicians blatantly fiddling the postal voting system. Some went to jail. But then I guess that the very reason it was introduced so widely by the Liebour government was to facilitate rigging.
On the night of the count, Mrs Booth secured 22 votes, while rival Susan Press won 35. However, when postal votes were added, Mrs Booth won by 95 to 52.
One Calder Valley Labour Party member, who was not named, said: 'I attended the hustings and Sue Press was the clear winner.
'However, someone had been round canvassing – so many were cast in favour of Steph she won on the strength of postal voting and a lot of people are very bitter about it.
'So many postal votes cast make a mockery of the democratic process which the hustings represent.'.

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