Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Brown given a lesson in economics by the Poles

The Polish government today told Gordon Brown it would not follow the UK's route of increasing public spending to lift the country out of recession
Poland's prime minister, delivered a gentle economics lesson to Brown when the two men took part in a joint press conference in Warsaw.
In his first joint press conference with a European leader since the G20 summit, Tusk also criticised countries that "lived on credit". "It is not for me to comment on other countries, but the Polish government at a time of financial crisis behaved with full responsibility in terms of its public funds and the budget deficit. After a few months you can say that our economic and financial policy has been accepted both at home and abroad. The government made the assumption that the best way to deal with the problem was not to increase public spending but the availability of public finance,"
Tusk said."Effective supervision of banks and sticking to the rules, not exaggerating with living on credit – these are the most certain ways to avoid the consequences of financial crisis," he added.Tusk leads Poland's centre-right Civic Platform party, and his views match those of the Tories in the UK. But until recently the Conservatives were isolated internationally in their decision to oppose the government's November fiscal stimulus package.

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