Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I asked for the truth Brown and all I get is more lies.

The new world saviour Gordon Brown has promised an environmentally friendly Budget later this month to kick start a "green recovery" – including the mass introduction of electric cars on Britain's roads. He trailed measures to make Britain "a world leader" in producing and exporting electric cars, hybrid petrol-electric vehicles and lighter cars using less petrol. Dumbledorf Darling, the Chancellor, will announce in his Budget that trials for electric cars in two or three cities will begin next year. He will also set a target of creating 400,000 jobs in "green industries" over the next five years.
Brown, please get into the real world, France and Germany have been doing this for the last ten years, so once again your behind the loop. No, it's all a scam as we have no generating or transmission capacity. UK has made deals with the French to import their nuclear sourced power as our supplies run out just to keep the lights on. The figure of 400,000 is plucked out of thin air. For goodness sake why isn't he asked where he gets that mad figure from, and then we will take a hard look at his data.
So, here we go then. Back to old Liebour tax rises to pay for bust and boom. It just shows how bankrupt both financially and morally save the world Brown and Liebour really are.
He is now huffing and puffing about 'Green' this and 'Green' that. For 'Green' read 'TAX'. That is Browns only answer, TAX it or in this case, tax us the remaining people who still have jobs in spite of his wrecking of the economy.
The fact is he is back tracking on his big idea another 'fiscal stimulus' because there isn't any money left and he can't borrow any more to gamble with. The guy is a washed out con man whose arrogant boasts have come home to roost. If he wants to save the country a fortune, start by making his own ministers and MP's pay back what they have looted from the tax payer in expenses, second home allowances and all the other tax free scams he and his cronies have been pilfering for the last 12 years.
Save the world Brown has already destroyed any goodwill there was as far as tax is concerned with his greedy fuel duty, VAT and his hundreds of stealth taxes. He has also destroyed any credibility in 'green' issues by hijacking the word and movement for his own sneaky tax purposes.
People have grown cynical of anything he or his rabble come out with be they his 'visions' or 'British jobs for British workers' ramblings which are merely soundbites and spin. It's the ordinary tax payers who are now going to have to pay the bill for his recklessness and incompetence whilst the useless bankers walk away with £millions.
Call an election now.


  1. "The guy is a washed out con man ..."

    Not so - he is a gigolo who has f@cked a nation.

  2. I couldn't have put it better!