Thursday, 16 April 2009

Yet another ' E' gimmick by this bunch of losers

It's just another example of the false hope that politician's love to churn out, in order to keep the masses confused and deluded at the end of the industrial age. Telling people what they want to hear -that there is a solution to energy squandering and environmental collapse. In practice we are past Peak Oil, past Peak Coal, and past Peak Imaginary Money and there is only one way form here..... and it's not up.
There is no such thing as a 'green car' any more than there is such a thing as 'clean coal'. Industrial society is predicated on using energy at a hundred times the rate it is available through natural systems and is doomed to failure in the long run. Indeed, ten years from now most people will be broke and will probably be starving. But you'll never get a politician to admit such realities especially if their name is Brown.
It's such a shame that the original technology for the electric car in the 1920/30's was unsurprisingly ditched.
However, our self deluded unelected PM (as usual) fails to consider some salient points.
Pertinently, even if an individual received the maximum grant of £5,000, it still means they have to finance at least £10,000, which for most people on low wages is totally unaffordable.
This measure also only encourages one green technology. How about encouraging the upgrading of public transport to make it more enjoyable to travel by bus and train?
How about encouraging the hydrogen/electric hybrid engines?
How about encouraging the compressed air city car?
How about encouraging solar powered cars?
What about the diesel or petrol/electric hybrids that do away with the need for taking electricity from the national grid by using the fossil fuel powered engine to run a generator to charge the electric batteries which power the car - no need for any huge infrastructure changes.
Same old lying promises from same old Liebour has beens.

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