Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Come on Parliament tell us the truth.

Preacher Brown start telling the truth!

There is a ever widening gulf, now reaching truly hair-raising proportions, between this Liebour Government's spending and its income from taxation.
The Institute for Fiscal Studies predicted earlier this week that the deficit would reach £150billion per year over the next three years. By then, says the IFS, the state's accumulated debts could reach 80 or even 90 per cent of national income, leaving us crippled like Italy.
Meanwhile, the hugely expensive bailouts continue, as the Government extends the first load of a £2.3billion rescue for the car industry.
Yet not one single proposal have we heard, from either Government or Opposition, which would even begin to defuse this time-bomb ticking beneath our economy. The reason, of course, is cynically obvious.
With an election only a year away at most, ministers dare not alienate taxpayers by revealing the massive extra sums they will be made to hand over.
But we the British people are not fools. We know very well that the medicine will taste foul, whichever party prescribes it and it's much fairer to know now than later.
Where does he get the money, you only have to look at all Brown's recent foreign trips to find out?
When save the world Brown took control of the countries finances we had:-
Decent private sector pension schemes which has now gone.
A stable housing market now gone.
Reasonable food prices also gone.
Reasonable fuel prices long gone.
Reasonable energy prices long gone also.
Reasonable interest paid on savings which is long gone, next the banks will be charging us to keep our money.
A country that felt comfortable and safe to live in which most definitely is gone.
I could go on and on yet the same imbeciles will turn out to vote for this corrupt government at the next election. It's AMAZING isn't it.

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