Sunday, 12 April 2009

Resign now Brown

Evil thought's by Brown against the Tories.
Brown's favorite spin doctor McPoison suggested reviving the allegation that a Tory MP was quietly promoting a gay partner's business interests in the Commons.
The claims have been in circulation for months and proved to be false. Pumping such a story had it been true could have been justified as in the public interest. But the other bits of gossip McBride proposed pumping into the political ether with liar Draper were a combination of venom and invention designed to unsettle a Tory opposition riding high in the polls. McBride's critics, who believe he was more interested in short-term tactics than long-term strategy, may feel vindicated by the dramatic events of the last 48 hours.
It is patently obvious that support for the Liebour Party has collapsed.
Their membership has been in terminal decline for years. This catastrophic incident by McPoison is a final and gross example of how these champagne socialist bigots operate. They cannot win by fair means because they have lost the political battle for ideas. Their policies have crucified the British people and no amount of spin will gloss over their incompetence. Do they really expect their few remaining members to take to the blogosphere to defend the indefenceable?
They are probably burying their heads in shame at these antics.
The electorate have seen their pensions ruined, savings ruined, jobs lost, businesses folded and standards of living decimated; yet witness Government Ministers abusing the second home allowances system and Brown's personal advisors telling lies and attacking innocent people.
The electorate will not tolerate this largess any longer. Brown must accept responsibility for his advisors, apologise and RESIGN.


  1. If only! There is no honour in politics any longer. The UK is run by neds in suits.

  2. Bring back Braveheart to save us all!