Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Yawn, another bore-fest from Mr Multiple Resignations in Disgrace.

2nd class Britain with Labour in charge.

Mandelson is a master of propaganda with his barrage of mis-information, part of the vocal Liebore minority who know they can impose their views on a complacent electorate.

He has written an article in tomorrows Guardian which proves to me that 'Liebore' are really on the last dregs and the sooner they go the better or else we will finish up 3rd class.
The Tories aren't the party that drove the country to virtual bankruptcy, that was Liebore. No more boom and bust, indeed. Liebore ministers, kamikaze Brown apart, continually acknowledge there will need to be cuts without actually having the bravery to actually confirm it.
What else has the un-elected Mandelson done recently - oh yes, bottle it with Post Office reform, and suppress the spending review as the figures are so utterly horrendous.
Mandelson is also part of the fear factory which allows new laws which restrict our freedoms to be passed with out an outcry, which allows free speech to become threatened and monitored by a growing government data bases - PC censorship with Europol – we can no longer admit that we love our country because it isn't ours anymore, it belongs to a collective Europe.
Mandelson is a snake and nobody cares or believes a word he says...Except the Guardian who would champion a monkey or a snake in this case if it wore a red rosette.

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